Time to Breathe. Space to Think.

Time to Breathe. Space to Think.

Do you feel you’re on autopilot?

Life can be very busy and overwhelming. It can feel like you have no time to pause, to breathe, to think.

The irony is that the less time you feel you have to Pause, the more you need to make time for it.

The idea of the Pause is simple. It is slowing down in an accelerating world. It is creating a space to breathe, time to think. It is slowing down to move forward. Very often I hear business people talking about giving their 100% at work – or even 200%! They are always “on” and literally live on their smartphones. Studies are emerging which indicate that excessive screen time is detrimental to our health and well-being. But I see no signs of this stopping.

So if this is the reality we live in, what can we do so that we are able to re-energise and reconnect with ourselves and what matters to us? The answer lies in our ability to Pause.

In our overwhelm, we can pause to make sense

Life is always teaching us lessons. But sometimes we are too busy to notice. We may miss critical insights on why we are feeling a certain way or what an experience is teaching us. Our life experiences can teach us so much more if we are willing to learn.

Revisiting old ground will help you get more rooted; seeing old patterns with fresh eyes will awaken you; revisiting unhealthy experiences will strengthen you so you can take a stand now and for the future. Looking back can be the most progressive thing you can do for yourself. This is why we spend the morning session of the Instant Pause looking back before we create our vision boards and intention-setting for the coming months.

If you want to retrace your steps from the last few months with me, and make sense of the lessons and gain new insights, there are places left at the Instant Pause on 29 June 2019, 10am-5pm. It will be held at the lovely co-working space The Hive Carpenter. Cost is $230 (inclusive of lunch) and there is a 10% discount if you sign up by 30 May.

Contact me here if you are interested and I will get in touch with you.

Here’s to your year ahead!

With love,