Taking a Pause as a counter balance to our busyness

Taking a Pause as a counter balance to our busyness

Life can be busy. And with the busyness around us, we sometimes forget to reconnect with and recharge ourselves. I was given a stark reminder last year that something needed to change when I realised that I had forgotten how to power off my handphone! My phone was always on and thus so was I. I thought the convenience of mobile technology was great as I could work and check up stuff anytime. It was and still is – but the counter to the convenience was that I had started to get very easily distracted by my phone. Suddenly the social media updates were more important than having a heart to heart conversation with my children.

When I took a “pause” for myself by the founder of The Pause retreats http://www.lifebydanielle.com/retreats/, I realised how much of the little things in life I was taking for granted. Talking with my kids about their dreams, taking a walk in the garden barefoot or simply noticing my breath. While these may seem minute, a reconnection with these simple things helped me remember why I do what I do and what was important to me.

I noticed that others needed to pause too. The constant barrage of work and responsibilities left people overwhelmed, feeling a sense of “no time” and being busy. With the wider environment buckling down for tough economic times, it felt counterintuitive for me to be talking about taking a “pause”. However, it was precisely because there was so much going on around us that we needed to take a step back and reconnect with ourselves to help us move forward stronger.

So I started to offer a space and time for people to take a breath and reconnect with themselves in a safe place. The Instant Pause is a simple yet powerful day. Through individual timelines, creating vision boards and group check-ins, people are gently guided into reconnecting with what they value and hold dear most. There is deep honouring of our past achievements before we set our intentions for the coming future.

For me, this is wonderful and humbling work. I am always honoured by the people who attend the Instant Pause hosted by me because at some level it is a leap of faith for them – not fully knowing what they have signed up for:) But it’s testimonials like these which give me courage to continue this work:

“The Instant Pause unclogged me emotionally and while in the past I may have gone in expecting answers and absolute direction, I came out feeling hopeful and clearer about what I hold true to myself and how I want to feel as I continue to work out my answers. The one statement that resonated with me as I left that day is that I want to be strong, but strong on my own terms.” – Noorindah Iskandar

“Instant Pause has made me realise what is truly important in my life and what I would like to achieve. It helps me to refocus and as a result I can now take the necessary steps to progress closer to my true dreams.” – Samantha Tan

“Instant pause gives a sense of renewed and recharged energy to keep you going for the future, at the same time reminding oneself to pause to breathe and relax.” – Shanjini Kunasekaran

“Instant Pause does what it says – it makes you pause. In the midst of rush, in the midst of flurry, in the midst of even going somewhere. We have our own season to pause. It’s just a matter of knowing when. Instant Pause creates a space for you to settle down, connect with yourself and recognize who you are.” – Kristen Koh

The next Instant Pause will be on 6 May 2017, Saturday, 10am-5pm at an office space in Boat Quay. Do email me at anu@anushroffconsulting.com if you would like to book a place.