We need protected time to get in touch with ourselves.

We need protected time to get in touch with ourselves.

I know it feels like time is flying by – we are already a quarter into 2017. The stress of the everyday routine and just life in general can be overwhelming at times. A day of pause, reflection and connection with self may feel like an over-indulgence.

What if I told you that a pause is exactly what you need when you are overwhelmed? When you are rushed for time, it is time to pause the rush and connect with what’s truly important to you.

Come pause with me at the Instant Pause on 6 May. I offer a small group session, individual reflection time and most importantly, a day for what’s needed for you. Reflect on where you have been to set a strong foundation for your intentions for the coming months.

Go slow for a day so that you can go fast with a renewed sense of purpose and energy.

The next Instant Pause will be held on 6 May (Sat), 10am-5pm at a wonderful office space in Boat Quay. Cost is $265 per person which includes a light vegetarian lunch, refreshments and materials. Get in touch with me to book a place.