Doing a lot, but running on empty?

The lure of busyness is hard to resist. I know the pull of a packed diary, the chatter of our mind and the feeling that we need to “do” more. The notion of “doing” is like an insatiable monster. It needs to be fed constantly.

But the more you just “do”, the emptier you start to feel. The feeling of being stuck in a rut. You feel you are doing a lot but it’s out of focus and depletes you of your energy. You continue with the “doing” even though your intuition knows something needs to change.

When you feel your body communicating to you that you need a Pause, listen to it. Sometimes this comes as a whisper  – like a curiosity if there is more to life. Or it comes as a jolt – like a serious illness which makes you re-evaluate your life.

When you’re short on time, taking time out to Pause can feel unimaginable even though deep down you know it’s what you need.

If you are ready to give your soul the Pause it deserves, join me for the Deep Pause on 15-17 Nov (2 nights) at the eco-resort of Telunas (Indonesia). A space to re-connect back with yourself, acknowledgement your soul and re-align to what matters to you.

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Just remember that you don’t need to it in a state of stress and overwhelm. Finding a peaceful and relaxed process will likely make you feel more satisfied, fulfilled and ultimately more effective in your life.